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ℵ∞EDMC-East Delhi Municipal Corporation: Application for Renewal & Upload Deficiency-Required Documents for Veterinary License∞ℵ∞

For apply for renewal of veterinary license user, you need to read each step. This service is given by East Delhi Municipal Corporation. The user needs to read each instruction at the time of application services. Most of the user wants online services it can save their time and provide all information in short time. They can apply here services if their license is expired. They need to upload here all documents and print their certificate. This portal is open all time so you need to read each step; so follow all instruction here.

∇—User Manual for Veterinary License in East-MCD: – 

Now, user, we can provide a list of some topics which needed to cover in given articles. You need to read their name here.

  • |Renewal of License: – Applicant this service is applied if your license is expired. You need to read all information here.
  • |Upload Deficiency Document: – This type of documents are needed to upload by the user for renewal services.

This is the name of services which need to cover here so let’s take some brief description of them.

∞ℵ∞Application for Renewal of License in East Delhi MCD∞ℵ∞

For license renewal services user you need to read all information here.

¢»»Step 1: –

Applicant you can see link here for an application for renewal of license. This service is online so apply at EDMC.


This link can provide a page in which services are given of application for renewal of license. You need to check the name of services before apply here.

¢»»Step 2: – 

At this point users, you need to fill correct details in license number or Tr number.

¢»»Step 3: –

After fill information here you can click on submit button.

¢»»Step 4: –

They can provide here application slip to the user about renew of license process is completed here. You need to take print out of slip here. It is necessary services for all users.

Now you need to upload here all necessary documentation required for given services. So follow all steps then apply soon.

∞ℵ∞Process to Upload Deficiency Document for Renewal of License in East MCD Portal∞ℵ∞

For this service’s user, you need to carry documents at a time of submitting their application number. You need to carry the document in scanned format.

¢»»Step I: –

Users, you need to check here a link for upload document for a renewal license.

Click here to Upload Documents Now

¢»»Step 2: –

You can fill here correct application number.

¢»»Step 3: –

Click on submit button and wait for a new window is appear. You need to make sure pop up is not blocked on your computer.

¢»»Step 4: –

You need to upload here all necessary documents. It is necessary for users.

¢»»Step 5: –

After apply services user, you need to collect application slip. It is proof about you can submit here document for a renewal license.

Now, user, we can provide here complete information for upload document and renewal of license services.

∞ℵ∞EDMC-East Delhi Municipal Corporation Contact Information∞ℵ∞

Send Your Query Here => Eodb.feedback.mcd@gmail.com

As you can see here email id here in which you need to send quires. They can provide all solution to the user about their quires by asking here a correct question. You need to check your email time to time so you don’t miss any of update.

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