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mcdonline.gov.in: – NDMC e-Auction Online Bid North Delhi

NDMC E-auction service is provided by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. The user needs to read all information before apply services. They can provide here news to the user about latest and old one. They can show here FAQ question about E-auction you need to read all question answer.

They need to new registration in an online portal. If the user wants information about latest E-auction they need to visit in an online portal. They can provide here contact address with name, address, post and contact details. They can provide here all information at the time of application services.

You need to upload here all documents & make here payment. You need to make confirmation about online services. The user also needs to download here user manual for more help. You can also recover here password if they can be lost. Here all type of services is avail for users.

You can get here digital signature details with verify browser PKI setting. There is helpline number is avail with email id. They can provide complete help to the user about different of services. Now follow all instruction avail here then apply services in short time. So read all details avail here one by one.   

New Registration for e-Auction in NDMC Delhi Official Website

Now, applicant, you need to read all information at the time of apply register as new E-auction. This service is online so follow all step avail here.

Point 1: – Applicant we can provide here a link to the user about E-auction services of MCD online Delhi. This service is avail in all 24 X 7 days so apply services.

Register for e-Auction >>>> Click Here

As you can see link avail here so click here then a new page is open about register for E-auction. So check it can contain the name of services.

Point 2: – You need to start to fill correct information in your form in different section.

  • Vendor Information:You can fill here all vendor information like nationality, preferred currency, login, type of organization, company name, contact person and designation and more.
  • Contact Information: Now fill information about company adders, city, country, pin code, state, mobile number, fax number and more.
  • COT: – You need to fill information avail here
  • Other Details: – Here you need to fill other information show here.

Point 3: – You need to fill here given code then click on create profile button.

Point 4: – If all information is avail here correct then new login information is avail to users. You need to now try to login with given information.

After collecting your login information now applicant we can provide a page in which you can login here. The user needs to read all information avail here and apply services soon.

Login for Users After Registration in e-Auction Delhi Nagar Palika

Applicant you need to check here a page of North Delhi Municipal Corporation for login section.

Login Here >>>> Click Here

It can provide a home page to the user for apply online services. It can provide a home page to the user in which they need to see on the left side which can contain login. You need to fill here some details.                      

  • Enter username
  • Enter password
  • Select here activity
  • Click on login button.

If you can login here easily then find your auction details and apply here. It can provide complete details to the user about the date of start, last date, and more details. You need to get all details show here. After applying for auction here you need to visit at given address for the complete further process.      

Forget Password Recovery Procedure Online in North Delhi Municipal Corporation Portal

Some time user can lose their password or not remember after some time. They can need their user id at time of applying here recover password in avail section. This is online services so you need to use your email id for active.

Forgot Password Recovery >>>> Click Here

This link can provide a page to the user about recover of their password. You need to fill here correct user id then fill here code show here. You need to click on the new password to registered email id. They can provide the new password to the user to follow all details one by one. After recovery of your password user need to try for a login here and apply services soon.

After register here, the user needs to view details about an auction. It can provide complete detail so check all. They can provide complete details about an auction.

Auction Free View Online in MCD Delhi Official Website

Now we can provide here a new page about auction free view. It can provide details by fill information here. See given link avail here.

Auction Fee View >>>> https://www.auctionwizard.in/ROOTAPP/NewAuctionFreeView.jsp

This link can provide a page to the user in which information needs to fill. You can fill details in given section.

  • #. Buyer (list show here): – fill here correct buyer in avail list
  • #. Stage (list show here): – you need to select here stage
  • #. Region (list show here): – you can select here region in given section
  • #. Fill auction sub-item
  • #. Fill auction number

Three option avail here:

  • Search: – It can provide all details number wise
  • Reset: – It can clear all details
  • Go back: – It can reverse back to the user on the homepage.

The information is avail here so check all with description. So check all details avail here:

  • #. Buyer: – It can provide name of buyer
  • #. Auction: – You need to check here auction details          
  • #. Auction Number: – It can show here auction number to user
  • #. Auction Sub Item: – It can provide here Auction subitem
  • #. Region: – You need to check here region
  • #. Auction Request Closing Date and Time: – It can show here close details of auction
  • #. Auction Start Date and Time: – It can provide here start date of auction
  • #. Auction Ceiling Price/Estimated Cost: – You need to check details avail here       
FAQ Question About e-Auction Services by NDMC Delhi Department

For any of manual help about E-auction services user, you need to read here all FAQ question which can contain differ section.

FAQ Question List >>> https://www.auctionwizard.in/ROOTAPP/Help/NORTHMCD_FAQ’s.pdf

This link can provide all auction questions avail here with a solution. So read all details avail here one by one with registration and more type. You can get here information about the digital signature certificate and log in with security details. They can provide here contact information about auction austerity with their phone number, email id and address of given department.

Contact Details of Department for e-Procurement in MCD Delhi

Here we can provide all information about E-procurement. You need to read all details avail here about details, contact person, contact number or email id. You can note down all information shown here.

1: – e-Auction process queries (To Upload, To Download, to submit the e-auction documents & Digital Signature):

  • Contact Person Name: – Helpdesk
  • Contact Phone Number: – 011-23327418, 011-49424365, 91-8800378607
  • e-Mail Address: – northdmc-it-support@mcd.gov.in, mcdeauction@gmail.com, twhelpdesk618@gmail.com

2: – e-Auction Registration Queries:

  • Contact Person Name: – Helpdesk
  • Contact Phone Number: – 011-49424365
  • e-Mail Address: – twhelpdesk603@gmail.com

3: – For Digital Signature:

  • Contact Person Name: – Helpdesk
  • Contact Phone Number: – 011-49424365
  • e-Mail Address: – twhelpdesk377@gmail.com

4: – For Business Enquiries:

  • Contact Person Name: – Help Desk
  • Contact Phone Number: – 080-40482000, 080-40482000
  • e-Mail Address: – enquiries@etenderwizard.com, enquiries@etenderwizard.com  
Call Center Heline Number of Nagar Nigam Delhi

Call Here >>>> 1800 200 8701, 1800 11 8700           

This is helpline number in which user need to call here and get more help about auction services. This number is avail to the user in all working days by asking here a correct question.

User, we can provide here all details about E-auction. The link is avail here so you can visit here and apply service by fill correct details. For any of help, you need to call on their helpline number.

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