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mcdonline.gov.in Health Trade License Category 1 Apply Online Registration NDMC-North Delhi MCD and Upload Deficiency Documents, Duplicate Receipt Download, Renewal Status Check, Fees-Charges Payment, Toll-Free Helpline Number Nagar Nigam

mcdonline.gov.in: Health Trade License Category 1

There is two type of health trade license are avail one for category 1 and other is category 2. Here we can provide information about health trade license category 1. The user needs to read all instruction how to get the new license, download application, and some technical instruction.

Most of the user wants online services it can save their time and provide all instruction in short time. The user needs to provide all necessary documents at the time of applying here. For any of help, they can show here contact details about the department. First, you can apply here so check their fees and charges which need to pay by users.

Document Required by Users with Application Form in Delhi MCD

Here we can provide a list of all documents which can be needed by the user at the time of application services. You need to check their name show here.

  • #. One copy of site plan and key plan on normal paper duly signed by applicant
  • #. Indemnity bond on nonjudicial stamp paper of RS 100 duly notarized
  • #. Legal occupancy proof like sale deed/ lease deed/ rent agreement/ latest rent receipt

You need to collect all document are shown here and make their scanned copy. Their format is required here jpeg, pdf, gif, doc, zip, rar.

Now we can start here process which can help user for applying here new health trade license. You need to follow all instruction avail here then apply services soon.

Procedure to Applying for New Health Trade License and Registration in NDMC-North Delhi

A user who is eligible for apply license services they can need internet services and computer to online apply.

Point 1: – Applicant needs to check the here link of MCD online website in which they can apply for new health trade license.

Application for Health Trade License >>>>

This link can help user for open a page in which form is avail which name of services.

Point 2: – You need to start to fill correct information in avail form.

  • #. Applicant Details: – In this section, you need to fill name of applicant, father or husband name, upload photograph, and address
  • #. Classification of Trade: – You need to provide description of trade and nature of trade in details
  • #. Establishment Details: – Fill here name of unit, year of establishment, VAT number, TIN number, pan card number
  • #. Address of Unit: – You need to mention here property number, pin code, locality, trade area type, phone number, email id, colony, and electricity connection number
  • #. Type of Constitution: – Fill here correct details
  • #. Property Details: – Fill all information about your property
  • #. Details of Municipal Taxed and Other Taxes: – Fill details here

Point 3: – You need to click on submit button.

After submitting all information here they can provide an application slip to the user about their form is submitted or not. The user also needs to collect their health trade license by showing their application slip.

Upload Deficiency Documents for Online Registration in Delhi Nagar Palika

Now we can provide information about upload deficiency documents. This information is necessary for users at the time of application services. They can need their license number or TR number. The person who has both number and anyone, they are eligible for check information about documents.        

Search to Upload Deficiency Documents >>>> Click Here

This link can provide a page to the user in which they can check the name of services as “Search to upload deficiency documents”. And start fills correct information in given section.

  • License number OR
  • TR number
  • Then click on submit button.

Now all information about upload deficiency documents is avail to the user you need to take print out of the result. It is necessary to step for users.

Duplicate Receipt Download Procedure Online

Some time user can lose their original receipt of the form submitted. For solution about given quires, the user needs to take the duplicate receipt. For this services, the user can need some documents like their license number or TR number. Without this information, the user is not able to take a copy of the receipt.

Duplicate Receipt Download >>>> Click Here

The user you need to click link avail here and check the name of services as “search for duplicate receipt”. It can provide here two boxes to the user in which information needs to fill. You need to add here license number or TR number. Anyone details are required here so click on “submit” button. After finding all information here they can provide a duplicate receipt to the user. It is necessary to step for users.

This slip can help user for taking print out of their health trade license.

License Status Check Online in NDMC Delhi Portal

After apply of health trade license user are waiting for license. They need to check the status of their application if it can take more time.

Check License Status >>>> Click Here

This link can provide a page to the user in which license status are avail. You need to check the name of services avail and start to fill correct details avail as.

License number/ Tr number

After fill given information you need to click on submit button. They can provide complete details to the user about their form are process or not. If any of result avails here then you need to take a print copy of your result.

Fees and Charges Payment for Health Trade License in MCD Online

Fees Details >>>> Click Here

This link can provide all fees details to users you need to check all details with the trade name, category, license period, registration fees and more. You need to take print out of fees or note down then on plan page and keep it safe until you can apply for health trade license.

Toll-Free Helpline Number Municipal Corporation of Delhi

Call Center Number >>>> 1800 200 8701/ 1800 11 8700

You need to call on given number and ask here a correct question about services. They can provide all solution to user in short time by asking here a correct question about services. All solution is avail to the user about health trade license.    

User, we can provide all details about health trade license. The link is avail here so you need to visit here and apply for services soon. For any of help, you need to call on their helpline number.

  1. Satyam Manekar says

    Sir, I want to start a small candle factory. So do I have to get the trade license for that as well? Please guide me as I don’t know about anything of this license.

    Thanks & Regards
    Satyam Manekar

    1. MCD-Officer says

      Hi Satyam,

      Trade license is provided by the MCD to the small businessman who are working in trade field. As you want to start a factory business for that you need to follow different rules. You have to get the permission for factory license from the respective authority.


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