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mcdonline.gov.in: @Still-Birth Report for Adopted Child@

The services about a stillbirth report for the adopted child. You need to contact at North Delhi Municipal Corporation. For this services applicant, you can need application form and documents. This link is required by every person. Most of the user wants online services it can save their time and provide all details in short time. They need to show here documents which can be required at time of application. The user needs to apply here services online and offline. After applying services here user needs to check status about their form and download their birth certificate.

@Documents List Required by Users@

Here we can provide all documents needed at the time of application services. You need to check their name and collect all.

  • #. Application form
  • #. Birth details (place of birth, date of birth)
  • #. Adoption details
  • #. Any other document

You need to make a photocopy of given documents and make sure they are avail here valid and correct.

@Procedure for Applying Stillbirth Report for Adopted Child@

The user you need to apply services at MCD online Delhi. This step is simple you need to follow all information avail here.

$=Point 1: – Applicant you can needed application form for an apply birth report for an adopted child. This service is offline.

Birth Report for Adopted Child >>> Click Here

This link can help the user to get their application form. It can contain the name of services avail as “birth report for adopted child”.

$=Point 2: – In the application form you need to read information and start to fill correct details in given section.

  • >>. Date of birth
  • >>. Sex
  • >>. Name of child
  • >>. Name of mother
  • >>. Name of mother
  • >>. Date and number of adoption deed
  • >>. Name of adoptive mother
  • >>. Nam of adoptive father
  • >>. Address of adoptive parents as recorded in adoption deed
  • >>. Permanent address of adoptive parents
  • >>. Place of birth
  • >>. If adoption though agency
  • >>. Informants name and address
  • >>. Religion of adoptive father
  • >>. Adoptive father level of education
  • >>. Adoptive mother level of education         
  • >>. Adoptive father occupation
  • >>. Adoptive mother occupation

$=Point 3: – You need to read the information here and make a signature in your form.

@Where to Submit Form@

You need to submit the form with all documents at birth and death registrar, Delhi. They can provide an application slip to the user about form is submitted. This slip can help user for check status about form and also collect their certificate.

@Call Center Helpline Number@
  • =Call Here ==>> 1800 200 8701/ 1800 11 8700

You need to call on given number and ask here a correct question about services. They can provide all solution to the user about user’s quires. This number is avail to the user in all working days.

Applicant, we can provide all details about the birth report for an adopted child. The link is avail here you need to download an application form and apply services. For any of help, you have been called on their helpline number.

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