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New Delhi Municipal Council - NDMC Apply for New Water Connection Registration & Monitor Water Quality Nai Delhi Nagar Palika Parishad MCD


New Delhi Municipal Council – NDMC Apply for New Water Connection Registration & Monitor Water Quality

NDMC New Water Connection Form
NDMC New Water Connection Form

The application form of new water connection service is available on North Delhi Municipal Council. To Apply for NDMC New Water Connection the citizens will have to get this application form in prescribed format. After attaching a few documents and fees payment they need to submit it in Nai Delhi Nagar Palika Parishad Vibhag Office. The citizens will also have to get the competition certificate from Competition Commission of India. 

Here we are providing you the complete procedure for checking the ndmc water quality and to apply for ndmc new water connection. Follow all the steps given here one by one to get the tap connection by MCD New Delhi.

List of enclosure Required (Self Attested) for New Water Connection -:

For ndmc.gov.in ndmc new water connection and submitting application arrange a few documents. Attach all the copies of documents after self-attesting. See the list here for the list of necessary documents with form.

  • First, get the passport size photograph of the applicant.
  • NOC Rent Receipt for tenants and Last Paid House Tax Bill for Land Lord.
  • Attach the copy of completion plan and competition certificate issued by Competition Commission of India.
  • Arrange the address proof like electricity bill, ration card, passport, bank passbook first-page copy, voter ID card, or aadhaar card etc.
  • Attach the Affidavit/Indemnity Bond form after notarized from the public notary.
  • Get the declaration/undertaking form.

www.ndmc.gov.in Apply Online for NDMC New Water Connection & Water Quality

The application is available on the official website of ndmc for tap connection. The citizens having their residence under MCD New Delhi can get this application form here.

♦—: First, go to the below weblink where the application is uploaded in word file format.

NDMC New Water Connection


Direct Download Just by Click


NDMC Water Connection Form

♦—: Now you will have to fill the following information on that application form:
  • Full Name (in block letters) of the applicant.
  • Fill address of premises where water connection is required.
  • Present address & telephone number on which applicant is available and correspondence are to be made.
  • Name & address of the legal owner of premises/property.
  • Particulars of existing filtered.
  • The brief description of the premises.
  • A total overall requirement of filtered water connection of entire premises.
  • The additional quantity of water required for the new connection.
  • Justification with particulars of units/flats/families/ Number of persons etc. for proposed new filtered water connection.
  • Site plan (Sketch) showing meter position on plumbing works water lines marked on the sketch about existing, mainline & proposed connection requirement of road cutting, length of connection line from mainline to meter point etc.
  • No objection from the Landlord (if the application is not the legal owner of the property).
  • Mode of distribution of water in the premises viz. stating the position of overhead tank, UnderGround tank etc.
  • The arrangement of sewerage/water disposal.
  • Particulars for proposed new connection (Viz. size of connection etc.)
  • In the case of water, the connection is required for New
  • Drawing Showing arrangement of water and sewer line.
  • Reference of Building, sanctioned plan.
  • Approved C Form, Occupation/occupation certificate of the building.
  • The purpose of using the water (Domestic or for office or shops/Commercial or labor camp of construction).
  • In case of commercial establishment shop etc. particulars of business and whether the same having valid license/registration in the name of above applicant if required.
  • Name of the plumber (Registered in N.D.M.C.) by whom the work is to be executed (Not applicable in case of Govt. Deptt./Organization like C.P.W.D./P.W.D. etc.
  • If the applicant is a Land Lord bonafide proof of ownership of the building and last paid bill of house tax is to be attached.
  • Signature in last Plumber.
  • Write Name and signature of the applicant.
Few Notes Before Filling NDMC New Water Connection Form -:
  • The form No. W-I is to be submitted separately.
  • Get the application form from Room No.202, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place, Gole Market, New Delhi-110001.
  • The applicant must attach a Photostat Copy of Ration Card or bonafide proof of occupancy of the building in which the connection is required.
  • If necessary, the separate sheet may be attached for furnishing the details of relevant above-mentioned items.
  • The applicant is required to submit an Indemnity Bond to be executed on Rs. 2/- Non Judicial Stamp Paper along with the application for water/sewer connection as per enclosed proforma.

♦—: After filling all these details now attach the documents. Now visit the nearest NDMC office and submit the application form. After submitting the form, pay the fees in office. To get the water tanker rates are Rs.700/- per tanker of 9KL and Rs.1000/- for the trolley of 4.5KL. You have to call on 23743642, 23360683, 23747566 & 23747568 numbers.

♦—: For submitting water connection related complaints call on the following numbers:

  • Gole Market – 011-23362949
  • Mandir Marg – 011-23363519
  • Mandir Marg – 011-23363519
  • Vinay Marg – 011-26111295
Monitor NDMC Water Quality -:

Go to below link where you can check the ndmc water quality complete information. You can see the complete list with Parameters, Unit, Result, and Permissible limits (as per IS 10500:2012) details.

NDMC Water Quality

NDMC Toll Free No. 1533

Whatsapps @ 858 888 7773

Click Here to Register Online Complaint

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