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mcdonline.gov.in: Hackney Carriage by NDMC-Delhi Nagar Palika

Hackney carriage service is given by North Delhi Municipal Corporation. The user needs to read all information about their Hackney carriage.

They need to read all information before or after apply services. They need to check online website name as NDMC.

They can provide an application form to the user for offline services. They can show here contact information about given department.

They can provide all help to the user about their services. They can provide here instruction how to get a renewal of license. Now follow all steps avail here.

Procedure to Online Apply for Hackney Carriage License in North Delhi Nagar Nigam

Before or after apply services user you need to read all instruction for offline apply services.

Point 1: –

An applicant for application form about hackney carriage licenses you need to collect at MCD Delhi.

For Hackney Carriage License  >>>> Click Here

This link can provide a form to the user so collect here and check the name of services as “application for obtaining hackney carriage license”. This service is given by hackney carriage licensing department by North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Point 2: –

You need to start to fill correct information in avail form.

  • #. Type of License: – You can select here type of license
  • #. License Number: – Fill here correct number of license
  • #. Applicant Name: – Fill here name of applicant who needs to apply for license  
  • #. Applicant Father Name: – Enter your father name
  • #. Applicant DOB: – Enter correct birth date
  • #. Applicant Age: – You need to fill here age
  • #. Applicant Height: – Enter height of applicant
  • #. Applicant Chest: – Enter chest details of applicant
  • #. Applicant Identification Marks 1: – You need to mention here applicant identification mark in one section  
  • #. Applicant Identification Marks 2: – You can again fill here applicant identification mark in section 2
  • #. Applicant Present Address: – Fill here present address with pin code

Vehicles Details:

  • #. Cart Frame Number: – Enter here cart frame number
  • #. Cart Make: – Enter cart make here
  • #. Cart Size: – Enter size of cart
  • #. Cart Color: – Enter color of cart
  • #. Previous Arrears: – Enter details about previous arrears
  • #. Resident Proof: – You need to fill here complete address
  • #. Annual Fee: – Enter annual fees

You need to read given declaration avail here and fill other details in the form.

  • Enter date here
  • Enter signature of applicant with status and stamp

Where to Submit Application Form in NDMC

Applicant needs to submit their form with all documents at hackney carriage licensing department. They can provide an application slip to the user about their form is submitted.

Payment of License Fee/Charges in Nagar Nigam Delhi

Now you need to check here all fees details about hackney carriage. You need to check all details avail here which can be needed at the time of application services.

  • Serial Number >> Category Type >> Annual Fee >> Late Fee
  • Cycle Rikshaw >> Rs 100.00 >> Rs 10.00
  • Cycle Rikshaw Trolley >> Rs 25.00 >> Rs 10.00
  • Hand Cart >> Rs 11.50 >> Rs 10.00
  • Bullock Cart >> Rs 27.50 >> Rs 10.00

Fees details which needed to pay by the user at office counter. You need to check them and apply for services in short time.

More Details About Hackney Carriage

Now for more help about hackney carriage services user you need to check link avail here and get help about services.

More Details >>>> Click Here

This link can provide a page to the user in which hackney carriage details are avail with process, fees and contact details with the application form.

For Any Help Call Here:
  • Call Center Number >> 1800 200 8701/ 1800 11 8700

This number is avail to the user in all working days. Now call here in any helpline number so ask here a correct question about hackney carriage. They can provide all solution to user in short time about their services.

User, we can provide all details about hackney carriage services. The link is avail here so you need to download application form shown here. For any of help, you need to call on their helpline number show here or also check web links of NDMC.

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